Private Cultural Tour Guide For Erbil City / Kurdistan

The Experience!

Welcome to Erbil, Alo known by locals as "Hawleer", a city where ancient history and vibrant modernity come together. As your private tour guide, I, Waseem, am excited to invite you on a journey through this fascinating destination. Together, we'll explore the wonders of Erbil, from the lively markets of the ancient Qaysari Bazaar to the tranquil beauty of Minaret Park.

Our adventure is all about shared experiences and mutual discovery. With my general knowledge of Erbil and a keen sense of curiosity, I'll guide you through its rich cultural heritage and popular spots. But I’m also eager to hear about the places you've heard of or want to visit. Together, we’ll uncover new gems and create a unique, personalized tour.

Join me for an authentic and collaborative exploration of Erbil. Let’s discover the heart of Kurdistan together, creating stories and experiences that will stay with us forever.


We Start

Our journey begins the moment you step into the vibrant streets of Erbil. As we set off on our adventure, you can expect a well-planned and personalized experience tailored to your interests and pace. Here's how we start:

1. Meeting Point: We'll agree on a convenient meeting point in Erbil, whether it's your hotel, a popular landmark, or another spot that suits you best.

2. Custom Itinerary: Before we start, we'll discuss your interests and preferences. Whether you're passionate about history, culture, shopping, or cuisine, I'll craft an itinerary that reflects your desires.

3. Local Insights: As we explore, I'll share intriguing stories and facts about Erbil's landmarks and hidden gems. My goal is to provide you with a unique perspective on the city's rich history and contemporary life.

4. Flexibility and Fun: Our tours are flexible and designed to be enjoyable. If you come across a place you'd like to explore, we can adjust our plans on the go. Your satisfaction and enjoyment are my top priorities.

5. Authentic Experiences: From sampling delicious local foods to interacting with friendly locals, our journey will be filled with authentic experiences that make Erbil special.

6. Safety and Comfort: Your safety and comfort are paramount. We'll ensure that our tour is conducted in a secure and comfortable manner, allowing you to relax and immerse yourself in the experience.

Starting our adventure together means embarking on a journey of discovery and fun. Let's uncover the beauty and secrets of Erbil, one step at a time.



History Tour

Explore ancient sites and landmarks.

City Tour

Discover Erbil's top attractions.

Cultural Experience

Immerse in local traditions and customs.

Custom Itineraries

Personalized tours based on your interests.

 Food and Market Tours

Taste local cuisine and visit vibrant markets.

Photography Tours

Capture the beauty of Erbil.

Adventure Tours

Experience exciting outdoor activities.

Group Tours

Perfect for friends or corporate outings.



Old House At Erbil Citadel


Traditional Celebration at Akre


Erbil Citadel AKA Qal'at


Watermelon Vendor near Erbil Fountain


Umbrella Vendor in Erbil Street


Erbil Downtown Mall, With it's Statue of Kurdish Heroines.


Kurdistan Flags at Park Sami Abdulrahman


Erbil Citadel At The Day Of Anniversary Of Prophet Muhammed


Nothing better than traditional Tea


Street Performer Near Erbil Govornorate


Music Performer At Special Kurdish Celebration


Erbil, Citadel Street, Qalat.

Get in Touch

I’d love to hear from you! To help me create your perfect tour, please share your interests, preferred dates, group size, and any special requests. Let's plan an unforgettable adventure in Erbil together!